[Sometimes he thought maybe it was a bad idea to remember everything that happened on that island. He was only gone for a few moments in his own time, but the five weeks of the game had taken its toll on him. Watching the bodies pile up, the secrets and lies and frustrations...it was a bad time all around and yet he felt that he grew from it. He'd made friends, somehow, and there were people he found himself thinking about on the regular.

Life went on. They defeated Callaghan, they rescued Abigail, they lost Baymax, they rebuilt Baymax...and now the Big Hero 6 operated as a full-time superhero team in the city of San Fransokyo. It's because of this that Hiro and Baymax found themselves patrolling the city one evening from their aerial view.

Flying had become something he was used to by now and it allowed him to zone out sometimes. Zoning out allowed him to think about people, and thinking about people meant thinking about Fie. This wasn't the first time his thoughts drifted to the girl on their own but up in the air watching the sidewalk it's the first time he thought he saw her.



Baymax, scan. [With his robot complying, Hiro assesses the data and guides Baymax to touch down on the ground in his armor. He doesn't remove his helmet yet but he lifts the face shield, peering down almost critically from his place on Baymax's back.

Fie. On the ground. Practically asleep. Why is this familiar?]

It is not good for your posture to sleep without back support.

[Thanks, Baymax. Hiro doesn't say anything for a moment, but he's lifting both eyebrows anyway. If she somehow sleeps through this Hiro is officially giving up on humanity.]